The “Pick Six” Diet

Have you looked in your closet lately? I mean, really looked in it. I’m guessing you have a lot of clothes in there. Shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, ties, jackets… stuff you haven’t worn in a long time. Or ever, for that matter! Have you ever wondered, “How many of these clothes do I really need?” The New York Times recently did a piece on a woman who went a month with just 6 items of clothing. Six. And that’s not the amazing thing. No one noticed. Not even her husband. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Nearly a month into what amounted to just such a self-inflicted fast of fashion, Stella Brennan, 31, an insurance sales executive from Kenosha, Wis., realized last week that not even her husband, Kelly, a machinist, had yet figured out that she had been wearing the same six items, over and over, since June 21. The sad punch line is that Mr. Brennan is the one who actually does the laundry in the family.”

How did she do it?  Which six items did she choose?  Check out the NYT story “Shoppers On A ‘Diet’ Tame The Urge To Buy”.

Could you do it?  And which six items would you pick to wear for one month?

2 Comments on “The “Pick Six” Diet

  1. I’m doing it. I ended up picking six dresses that I sewed and designed myself. My dress diet began August 1st and so far so good.

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