Airline Fees 101

It’s good to see those expensive and confusing and outrageous (pay toilets?) airline fees are getting the attention of a congressional committee this week.  It’s going over a government report on the fees that used to be included in ticket prices, but passengers now have a hard time figuring out how much the total fare actually is until it’s all said and done.

One watchdog group discovered the now obvious:  if you plan on checking bags or requesting a little more leg room, its going to cost you, big time.

If you fly, you know what I mean.   A seemingly cheap ticket somewhere on WeGotcha Airlines will end up costing you a lot more once fees for bags, food and drinks, pillows, blankets, early boarding, seat selection and changing reservations are tallied up.

After analyzing base fares and extra charges for nine major airlines, the Consumer Travel Alliance found checking two bags and requesting extra leg room left a traveler paying an average of 54 percent more than the base ticket price.

The group wants airlines to be required to disclose all fees up front.  An industry trade group for some of the country’s biggest carriers says fees are already disclosed on airlines’ Websites.

Don’t want to wade through all those Websites?  Here’s an easier way to find out what those fees are.

You still have to do the hard part… pay for all those extra fees.

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