Rent vs. Buy: Even Caskets?

Rent vs. buy. Usually that debate deals with houses. But not always. We love to buy brand new… only to dump that once “gotta have” on Craigslist for a fraction of what we spent.

My college son is taking a summer class at a local community college.  While tuition is cheap, his textbook cost $250.  One lousy book he probably won’t even open.

The consumer blog Budgets Are Sexy came up with four “buys” that you should highly consider switching to “rents” instead. Here they are:

  • Tools. Have you ever bought some expensive tool, like a chainsaw, but only use it a couple of times? Instead rent it for a few hours from a place like Home Depot.
  • Evening gowns/prom dresses. Unless you plan on wearing the same chiffon and sequins over and over again. I have three boys so I don’t worry about this one.
  • Textbooks. New ones can set you back several hundred dollars a piece (see above). Even tougher to swallow if your college student never opens them (see above). Buy used or check out online textbook rental companies like
  • Caskets. Rent a casket?  A little creepy, right? But have you seen how expensive funerals are today? Budgets Are Sexy says rent a big, pretty one for the funeral for a few hundred dollars, and then transfer the departed into something more economical for burial. Who’ll know?

I realize not everyone will agree with that last one. But renting is definitely worth looking into on the others.

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4 Comments on “Rent vs. Buy: Even Caskets?

  1. That’s interesting! If you are all about How Things look & you have to have a Big funeral I think Renting a casket would actually be a good idea – – -how many caskets do we need rotting in the ground?

  2. I’ve even heard that our country is thinking about “green” (I used to LOVE that color) burials—-with no embalming at all. Just give me a pine box–!

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