Study Shows Teens Need Their ZZZZs Before School

It’s summer.  For my three boys that means no alarm clocks (or dad) waking them up from deep sleep for school.  I’m always amazed of two things regarding teenagers and their sleep habits:

  1. How difficult it is to wake them up for school.
  2. How long they can sleep in, given the opportunity.

So I’m not surprised to hear the results of some new research.  It suggests that an early school bell may be fighting a losing battle against Mother Nature.

A study of teenagers at a Rhode Island boarding school found that pushing back the school day by 30 minutes improved concentration and mood.  Teenagers are moody?  You think?  The extra half hour also encourages kids to eat healthier breakfasts, and reduced tardiness.

Researchers believe that teens have trouble falling asleep before 11 pm (2 am is more like it), and they’re often in their deepest sleep at dawn, when they need to wake up for morning classes.

You can find the study in July’s Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. I’m pretty sure my boys won’t read it, but I bet they approve of the results.

One Comment on “Study Shows Teens Need Their ZZZZs Before School

  1. I’m with the boys! We always went to school around 8:30 A.M., never earlier. When did it change?

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