“Yelling And Screaming” On The Tarmac

How much longer will we put up with the way we’re treated by airlines?  It steams me every time I hear of passengers stranded in hot planes on airport tarmacs for hours.  I think, “Surely airlines will learn to treat us better, and not do it to us again”.  But, here we go again.

300 passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight were stranded on the tarmac at Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport for more than four hours Tuesday night.  Bad weather had diverted the flight en route to Newark  from London. So all this drama happened after the 8 hour flight over the pond.

Here’s where it gets nasty.  One of the passengers told CNN that it felt like 100 degrees in the plane.  Hot and dark.  It’s reported that the power went out many times.  Also, at least three people passed out and needed medical attention.  One of the stranded passengers, Beth Willan,  told CNN:

It was like four hours on the ground without any air conditioning. It was crazy. Just crazy.  There were babies on the plane. And it was dark and hot. You try to be patient but people were yelling and screaming.

Why not just let them off the plane?  The airline says the delay was caused by the airport’s lack of immigration officers.  Here’s another question:  Isn’t there a new federal rule that puts a stop to such ridiculous torture for airline passengers?  You know, the one requiring airlines to pay $27,500 per passenger if a flight is delayed on the tarmac for more than three hours?  Guess what?  The rule doesn’t apply to international carriers.

The airline issued a statement apologizing for any inconvenience.  Inconvenience?  Let’s see.  An 8 hour flight, then stranded 4 more hours on the tarmac with 300 other passengers in a 100 degree cabin, in the dark, with nothing to eat, with screaming babies.  Isn’t flying fun?

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