Do These 5 Things To Turn Off Potential Employers

The job hunt isn’t fun or easy… especially when you’re up against so many others looking for work at this time.   I’ve posted ad nauseum about mistakes made during job searches (“Should You Drink At Job Interviews?”, “How To Avoid Interview Mistakes”, “Is Your Resume Padded?”).

Now, here’s another list I came across by  “5 Ways To Turn Off Employers”.  As Careerbuilder puts it,

Job searches, much like first dates, are about giving the other party… in this case the employer… a once-over and presenting yourself in the best possible way.  Also similar to first dates, job searches give you several opportunities to make a single mistake that is a real turnoff.

So here are the 5 job hunt “no-no’s”:

  • Arriving too early for an interview. Obviously early is better than late, but arriving 45 minutes early is just as bothersome as showing up 45 minutes late.
  • Letting your desperation show. Don’t let your frustration of looking for a job become the interviewer’s problem.
  • Being too aggressive with your follow-up. As Careerbuilder says, “Two emails, a handwritten note, a few phone calls and a quick visit to the office just to see how things are going won’t impress a hiring manager.”
  • Talking trash about anyone. Complaining about a former boss or co-worker will only make you look negative.
  • Lacking direction. If your résumé, cover letter or interview suggests that you have no goals, you’re not an attractive candidate.  If you don’t even know where you want your career to go, how can you know this job is for you?

We talked about these gaffes at our morning news meeting and a few more came up.  They may seem comical and unbelievable, but they do happen during job interviews:

  • Chewing gum.
  • Smoking.
  • Talking on your cell phone, or texting.
  • Brushing your hair.
  • Swearing.
  • Cracking your knuckles.

You may be able to add a few more faux pas.  Avoiding these “don’t do’s” and Careerbuilder’s five “turnoffs”, won’t guarantee you a job, but it may give you a leg up on those who do.  Good luck.

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