Saving Money: Deal Of The Day

Here’s another “daily deal” that will save you money, if you live in or around Tulsa.  It’s similar to the popular Groupon that’s in many of the bigger cities, which I recently wrote about.

This one I just happen to be a little biased about.  It’s NewsChannel 8’s “Deal of the Day”.  It was unveiled a couple of weeks ago, and just like it says, offers a daily bargain buy.  Today’s (Wednesday 6/2) deal is at Brookside By Day.  $20 meal for just $10.  50% off!  Like all the deals, you have 24 hours to buy it online, and you can use it anytime.  Well, not anytime.  In each case there are some restrictions.  For example, BBD says you can redeem your voucher during weekday lunch hours only.

The “Deal of the Day” is a win-win situation… good for both the business and the consumer.  Check out how it works, and the latest deal here.  And by the way, I don’t get a kick-back, in case you’re wondering.

“NewsChannel 8 Deal of the Day”

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