Report: Lifelock CEO Has Identity Stolen 13 Times

I’ve met many people who’ve made some pretty brazen claims over the years. Todd Davis is right up there near the top. Here’s a written portion of my 2006 story when I interviewed Davis:

“(Me) Within minutes of meeting him, Todd Davis shocked me. He gave me the password to his identity. And he wants to give it to you as well. (Davis) My social security number is 457-55-5462.”

Since then, you’ve seen his company’s ads. As CEO of Lifelock, Davis is so confident in its $10-$15/month “identity theft protection service” that he splashes his social security number for all to see. Davis dares thieves to steal his personal identification. Brazen indeed.

Well……. guess what?  Turns out Davis’ identity has been stolen 13 times, reports the Phoenix New Times. Here’s an excerpt from their story:

Davis’ personal ID hasn’t been merely abused since he began advertising his SSN — it’s been gang-raped.

If a bullfighter waves his red cape at an angry bull too many times, he’s bound to get gored. Get my drift? Instead of spending $15 a month to “protect our identity”, maybe people should follow the advice found in the last line of my 2006 story:

“But you can also do it yourself, by carefully monitoring your credit card and personal records, and report any discrepancies immediately to the three major credit reporting agencies and the Federal Trade Commission.”

“Phoenix New Times story”

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