iPhone Tops Toilet In 100 Top Inventions

What’s most important to you… the iPhone or toilet? Strange question, but in the latest poll of most important inventions of all time, the iPhone beat out the flushing toilet. It was also voted as more important than the car, washing machine, combustion engine and space travel.

The survey came out of Great Britain. The iPhone is the only 21st century invention to make the list of top 100. What’s #1? The wheel. That’s followed by the airplane, light bulb, internet and computers.

Lance Batchelor, CEO of Tesco Mobile, which carried out the research says, “All of the inventions included in this list have changed the world forever.”

Something to think about next time you’re sitting on the can, on your iPhone texting someone in their car (or someone else on their iPhone with iPoo).

Check out the 100 greatest inventions here.

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