Study: Botox May Cause Wrinkles

Uh-oh. Those of you who use Botox may frown at this one. A study finds that Botox erases wrinkles, but may give you new ones. Huh?  The study was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. I saw this story in the New York Daily News:

While the toxin injection is effective at smoothing lines and wrinkles by paralyzing facial muscles, having some muscles frozen may cause others to work overtime – leading to more lines.

The story goes on to say that women who have had Botox injections typically have lines across the bridge of the nose, often called “bunny lines”.   Check out pictures of “bunny lines” on two actresses here.

The bunny rabbit effect is so common that some doctors have taken to Botoxing the nose preemptively when treating others areas, as one dermatologist told Britain’s Daily Mail.

And the maker of Botox probably has more frown lines after what happened in Oklahoma this week.  An Oklahoma County jury found Allergan negligent and awarded $15 million to a doctor.  The physician says she suffered botulism after using the anti-wrinkle drug.  The jury says the label on the product didn’t include enough information about potential side effects.

An Associated Press story says:

(Dr. Sharla) Helton said she suffered pain and weakness after receiving Botox injections that led her to sell her medical practice and step down as medical director of an Oklahoma City hospital.

Its reported that Allergan plans to appeal.  You think?

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