“Cash For Appliances” Begins In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the latest state to take part in the so-called “Cash for Appliances” program. It begins tomorrow morning (Saturday). Nationwide, $300 million in rebate money has been allocated by the federal government to 56 states and territories to encourage people to buy furnaces, washers, refrigerators and other appliances with the government’s Energy Star label.

Rebates run about $75 for a clothes washer to several hundred dollars for home heating and cooling systems.  Individual states determine what appliances are offered. Much like last year’s popular “Cash for Clunkers” program, interest is high and states are running dry in no time. In Florida last month, $17 million lasted a day and a half.

Oklahoma has $3.1 million to dole out. Betty Jamison can’t wait to buy a new washer. She says, “My washer went out on me ten days ago, and I’ve been using the laundromat. I hate that.” She can exchange that old washer for $200 off on a new one. Lee Sherman of Hahn Appliance in Tulsa says he’s never seen a deal like this in his 30 years in business. “It may be busy on Saturday morning based on phone calls and pre-shopping we’ve had”, he says. “We are expecting really big crowds Saturday. That’s why we’re going to open at 5 am.” The sale starts at 9 am.

If you’re planning to take advantage of Oklahoma’s appliance rebate program, go here to check and see how much money is left before you head out. The number at the bottom of that page will be a live, declining tally.

“Oklahoma Appliance Rebate Program”

Update:  As of 5/12 there’s still about $1.5 million left in rebate program.

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