Prom Night Repo: Limo Owner Sets Record Straight

The prom night repo’d limos story has sure taken on a life of its own.  It’s been picked up by media outlets all over the country.  Just  google it and you’ll see what I mean.   Check out my stories ( “Limo-Jacked On Prom Night” &  “Update: Limo-Jacked On Prom Night “) to get the background.  In short, last Friday night two limo loads of prom-goers had just been dropped off, two unknown guys jumped behind the wheel, and sped off.  The kids thought the limos had been jacked, but it turned out to be a couple repo men.  Since then, the limo owner only said it was a miscommunication between the lender and repo company.

Now, for the first time, he’s telling his side of the story.  Galaxy Limousine’s Jim Nicolotti tells NewsChannel 8 that he’s spent 15 years building his business, and his limos have given rides to a “who’s who” of celebrities and politicians over the years.  But what happened in one night has taken him down a road he hopes to never travel again.

NewsChannel 8’s story:

When hard times hit the limo business nationwide, owner Jim Nicolotti thought an agreement with his bank had been worked out and his business would continue to run smoothly.  But it hit a bump on Friday night, when two limos were repossessed after their prom night runs at the Oklahoma Aquarium.  Nicolotti said then, everything would be worked out on Monday.  And it was, as the limos are back at Galaxy.  Its embarrassing and he says there were other ways to get the limos.

“The cars are always here, they’re insured in a locked secured warehouse, we’re here everyday with the door open.  They know where the cars are, and could have come anytime to get them… but they chose to do it another way.”

Nicolotti also says  only two of his limos were involved.  On Monday, I checked Galaxy’s status with the Better Business Bureau.  The BBB says the limo company has been in “good standing” for 15 years, with an “A+” rating and no complaints on file.

Obviously, this had to be a shock to the kids who thought their limos were being stolen.  As one of the teenagers said that night, “This will be a prom night story I’ll be telling my kids.”   Its also a reminder that tough times can take just about any good business for a ride it’ll never forget.  I hope Galaxy’s reputation will be restored and Nicolotti’s limos will continue to give celebrities, politicians AND prom-goers a lift for at least another 15 years.

2 Comments on “Prom Night Repo: Limo Owner Sets Record Straight

  1. Mark,

    I follow your blogs and watch you on channel 8. I appreciate you setting the record straight, whether it is this story or any story that you are reporting…. I want to watch news that I can trust and you have proven your credibility by making sure that your reporting is accurate.

    • Ken and Shae,
      Thank you for your kind comments. I’ve learned over the years there are usually two sides to a story. Not always, but most of the time. And thanks for reading my blog and watching NewsChannel 8.

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