Update: Limo-Jacked On Prom Night!

I’m still looking for answers to two prom night limo “nightmares” over the weekend in Tulsa.  The first, on Friday night, left two stretch limo loads of prom-goers dazed and without a ride.  The limos had just unloaded their passengers at the prom, when its reported two guys jump in and take off.  The teenagers thought the vehicles had just been limo-jacked.  Police chased down the limos to find it wasn’t a case of  Grand Theft Stretch Hummer.  The getaway drivers were repo men.  Galaxy Limos’ owner Jim Nicolotti told NewsChannel 8 over the weekend that it was a big miscommunication, and that the limos weren’t supposed to be repo’d.  He says the lender didn’t call off the repo men in time to cancel the job.  Nicolotti said he would talk to NewsChannel 8 on Monday and produce the papers to prove the problems are resolved.  Still waiting for that, as of late Monday afternoon.

The other limo “nightmare” was during Saturday night’s prom. A group of about 30 teenagers rented a party bus from A-1 Limos in Tulsa. Apparently the limo driver was doing a little too much of his own partying before work. A-1’s Lamar Alhamzawi says the driver came to work “drunk”, and they couldn’t find a qualified driver to replace him. The teenagers resorted to driving their own cars on prom night.

On Monday, Lamar told me that A-1 has “zero tolerance” for that type of behavior, and the driver was “fired on the spot”. What will they get for their inconvenience? Lamar assured me that they would get a full refund. That’s a given. What about a free night in the limo on top of a full refund? He’s checking into that.

I checked into both limo companies with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB says Galaxy has been in “good standing” with an “A+” rating and no complaints. Which makes you wonder how it got so far as a “miscommunication” to call off the repo guys. A-1 Limo, also known as Tulsa Taxi and Limousine, has a “B-” rating with the BBB, and two complaints on file, both responded to and resolved.

The BBB recommends before hiring a limo for prom or a wedding:

  • Check it out with the BBB.
  • Ask the limo company if it has a back-up plan should problems arise.

A good business needs a good reputation. A couple of limousine companies are doing some spring cleaning on theirs following an embarrassing weekend full of repo men and a drunk employee.

“Lim0-Jacked On Prom Night!”

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