Limo-Jacked On Prom Night!

“Can I trust the limousine company that’s driving my children around during prom season?” That’s a question many parents should be asking themselves. Certainly, parents in Tulsa this weekend. The repo man and a reported drunk limo driver left hundreds of teenagers without a ride in two embarrassing incidents.

First one, Friday night. I get a call from my neighbor. His son was at his school’s prom at the local Oklahoma Aquarium. Just as the last kid steps out of each of the two stretch limos, two guys push the limo drivers out, jump in, and squeal off. Gone in 6 seconds! Limo jacked. Grand theft stretch Hummer? 911 called. Police chase down the culprits. Guns drawn. I can just hear the suspected limo-jackers tell the cops, “Hey, we’re just the repo men.”

20 repo men! That’s reportedly how many limos were repossessed Friday from Galaxy Limousine. NewsChannel 8 checked into it. From

” Galaxy Limo owner Jim Nicolotti said that the whole incident stems from miscommunication between his lender and the repossession company, Chamras Asset Recovery Specialists. He said that he and his bank had worked out their issues, but the bank did not tell CARS to cancel the repo job.

Nicolotti told News Channel 8 via telephone he has documents that show an agreement was reached with the bank, but said he was unable to show them to us or speak on camera until Monday. “

A big misunderstanding? At the expense and shock of all those kids who witnessed it. Sounds like someone wasn’t paying their bills. We’ll check out Galaxy’s story Monday to see if there’s more to it.

Can that limo story be topped? Try this one. On Saturday, 30 more prom-going teenagers learned a lesson about drinking and driving. From another limo company.  My son, Jacob, and his friends had rented a party bus limo to pick them up and take them to dinner and then the prom. The kids (and their parents) waited and waited. No party bus. I called A-1 Limo. A guy named Lamar told me the driver was drunk and wouldn’t be picking up the kids. He said it wouldn’t be safe for them. You think? The prom-goers had to take their own cars (or parents’) to dinner. Lamar told me he would find another driver to take them from there. Never happened. We’ll be looking more into that as well on Monday.

In both cases, the limo companies say they’ll give at least partial refunds to their passengers. You think? But the money won’t repair the damage done to the reputation of two limo companies. Repo men and a drunk limo driver.  As my neighbor’s kid said, “This will be a prom night story I’ll be telling my kids.”

Our message to our kids during prom season is “Do the right thing. Make the right choices.” Maybe it’s the adults who need that message more than the kids.

Updated story here.

3 Comments on “Limo-Jacked On Prom Night!

  1. Hi Mark,
    Sounds like an adventure to be avoided.
    Thanks for alerting us to ask questions before hiring a limo – I never would have thought of these possibilities occurring.
    BTW – Congratulation on your Son’s Graduation… lovely seeing photos of all these radiant young people at such a happy time in their lives.

    • Thanks Nicole. They had a great time in spite of the limo drama. It was truly memorable.

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