5 Airlines Promise Senator No Carry-On Fees

Good news for airlines passengers. It’s reported that five major airlines have promised New York senator Chuck Schumer not to charge for our carry-ons. That’s in response to the uproar over Spirit Air’s plan to slap passengers with carry-on fees of up to $45 a bag.

Schumer and Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood  had joined passengers in calling the new fees “outrageous” and “over the line”. The five airlines that say they won’t follow Spirit’s lead are American, Delta, JetBlue, United and US Air.

From the Associated Press:

“This is a giant step forward in our effort to make sure you can take a carry-on bag when you fly without being charged,” Schumer told The Associated Press.
Since 2008, fliers have had to deal with charges for everything from food to checked luggage. But the carry-on fee, Schumer said, “was a step over the line.”

I’m often critical of the airlines of how they treat the paying customer. However, this is a nice gesture to keep our sacred carry-ons free, as airlines continue to nickel and dime and dollar us to death.

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