Sound Off: Vote For The Worst Company In America

It’s here!! The Final Four weekend. I know, your bracket was busted two weeks ago when Kansas lost. So here’s another bracket you might be interested in… the 2010 Worst Company in America bracket. Now this is something everyone, even non-March Madness fans, can get angry about.

The NCAA basketball tournament may be winding down to a winner, but if you love brackets and hate bad customer service, “Consumerist” has a contest for you. For a fifth year, the consumer website wants you to choose the worst company in America. Citibank, Walmart, Delta, Best Buy, Toyota, Chase and Verizon are just a few vying for the diss-honor. Banks, retailers, cable companies, airlines and more. 32 companies are in the bracket-style competition.

Ben Popken, Consumerist Co-Managing Editor says, “People are just going off on these companies, and their dealings with them, and not necessarily all negative.” But if you peruse through the comments, most people are ranting, not raving about the companies. Here are a few of the comments:

  • In the match-up between Delta and US Airways one person wrote: “Wow, that’s like asking, ‘Which is worse, a kick in the teeth or a kick in the &#@^?'”.
  • AT&T vs. Verizon: “There is no loser between the two. I pray this battle ends in a tie!!”
  • HP vs. Dell: “I don’t have major issues with either, but I voted HP because printer ink costs more than human blood. (No kidding.).”

You get the idea.  The company that gets the most votes moves on to the next round until the winner “cuts down the nets” and is handed the “Golden Poo” trophy.  The first “Poo” went to Halliburton. Other national champions include AIG and Countrywide.  In a statement, Popken said, “Every year there is a ‘Cinderella’ company that comes out of nowhere and we can’t wait to see who it is in 2010.”

As a consumer, our complaints may not go far with customer service, but this website is giving us a chance to sound off. And feel better about it. Consumerist will crown a winner loser winner (whatever) on April 23rd. Go here to get in on the action.  Print the bracket here.

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