Running Late to Work? Try These 10 Bizarre Excuses

We’ve all heard it. The age-old excuse for not turning in your paper at school: “The dog ate my homework.” Well, apparently dogs are now hungry for phones. “The dog ate my phone” is one of 10 bizarre reasons employees have given for being late to work.

Careerbuilder is out with its latest survey, this one on workplace tardiness and reasons for it. You’d expect, given the current economic climate and fears of job security, fewer workers are arriving late to work. And you’d be right.

  • 16% say they come into work late at least once a week (down from 20%)
  • 8% are late at least twice a week (down from 12%)

“Some workers may be more concerned with the nuances of their on-the-job performance these days, resulting in fewer late arrivals,” says Rosemary Haefner, VP of Human Resources for Careerbuilder.

Before we get to the wacky reasons for being late, here are some of the more conventional reasons:

  • 32% traffic
  • 24% lack of sleep
  • 7% getting kids ready for school
  • 7% bad weather

Now the bizarre ones. See if you’ve tried any of these:

  1. “I got mugged and was tied to the steering wheel of my car.”
  2. “My deodorant was frozen to the window sill.”
  3. “My car door fell off.”
  4. “It was too windy.”
  5. “I dreamt I was already at work.”
  6. “I had to go to the hospital because I drank antifreeze.”
  7. “I had an early morning gig as a clown.”
  8. “A roach crawled in my ear.”
  9. “I saw an elderly lady at a bus stop and decided to pick her up.”
  10. “My dog swallowed my cell phone.”

Careerbuilder says more than one-third (34%) of employers said they’ve fired an employee for being late. Obviously they haven’t met my dog. She eats everything. Don’t believe me? Give her a call and ask her.

Also, check out my story about office pet peeves here.

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