Nooz Bits: From Checkbook Journalism to Art You Better Not Touch

Say it isn’t so ABC News.  Did you really contribute to the defense fund of an accused child killer?  Bombshell dropped in Orlando courtroom revealing that ABC News has paid $200,000 to the family of murdered toddler Caylee Anthony, with the money going to Casey Anthony’s legal defense.  Checkbook journalism?

This sure is crazy weather.  Last day of Winter in the 70’s in Tulsa… Saturday is first day of Spring and SNOW.  Maybe as much as a foot over the weekend.  Go figure.

The mayor’s wife is calling on ministers and pastors and other faith leaders to preach Sunday on the importance of filling out the census forms.  I don’t know about that one.

You’ve seen the stories of images of Mary or Jesus appearing on everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to trees.  Most of them, I just don’t see it.  But I’m a believer with this burnt bacon in frying pan sighting.

Does this look like Jesus?

When my kids were younger we’d stay out of art museums because they always wanted to touch things.  Now they’re older, but it looks like we’ll still have to avoid museums for the same reason.   The art is alive and nude at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.  I call it “brush and blush” art.

And check out this Barack Obama look-a-like here.

That’s all.

2 Comments on “Nooz Bits: From Checkbook Journalism to Art You Better Not Touch

  1. That picture does look like

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