March Madness! Do You Work For A 5% Boss?

March Madness begins this week. That means more talk about filling out brackets and lost productivity at the office.

Here are some wacky watercooler stats I read in USA Today. The number of ways to fill out a bracket: 9,223,372,036,854,775,808, according to a math professor (try saying that number).  The prof says it would be easier to sit down today and correctly predict the winner of each of the next 12 World Series, or the winner of every presidential election through the year 2260, or you’re more likely to win a multimillion-dollar lottery on consecutive weekends.  You get the idea.  It’s virtually impossible.  Tell that to your  March Madness office know-it-all.

And remember this when you’re sneaking a look at the games while at work:  thanks to you (and a few more like you), it could cost your boss (and a few more like him/her) as much as $1.8 billion in unproductive wages during the first week of the tournament  alone, based on 20 minutes of daily time wasting.   Only 20 minutes a day?  More like two or three hours a day.

March Madness bad for business?  I tend to agree with another study (there’s always another study that agrees with you).  This one found it may actually boost office morale.  And in this economic climate, with layoffs and cutbacks, offices need a morale booster don’t they?  Most managers (56%)  say March Madness activities don’t have a negative impact on productivity, while 17% say it has a somewhat positive affect.

Only 5% said NCAA action had a very negative impact on productivity.   Who hasn’t worked for one of those angry  bosses at some point in their career?  He/she  has March Madness down every month of the year.   I hope you don’t work for a 5% boss.

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