How To Get Good Concert Tickets

Who hasn’t been to a big concert and wondered, “Why am I sitting waaaay up here?”  I know, I’ve been there.  The nosebleed section.  So far away from the action you’re in a different zip code.  The good thing is you can say, “I was there.”  The bad thing, “I couldn’t see a thing.”

We have a  new arena in Tulsa that’s bringing in some big name acts.  So I’m learning there are some tricks to getting better, and sometimes great, concert tickets.   Here’s one I’ve been practicing lately.

I’m not a groupie, someone who’s fanatical about some musician or group (except maybe Olivia Newton-John back in the ’70s, but that’s a different story).  So I’ve never thought about joining a fan club… until recently.  A lot of artists and groups have fan clubs that will announce an internet pre-sale for fans.  Usually you’ll have to join the fan club  for 25 or 30 bucks to get access to a password for the pre-sale.  And just like it sounds, pre-sale tickets go on sale a few days BEFORE tickets offered to the general public.

And sometimes radio stations will give out passwords to concerts right before the pre-sale.  That’s even better because you don’t have to pay to join a fan club.  But you do have to be listening at just the right time.  Not so convenient.   The result for either way, join fan club or tune into radio station, better seats.  Not always, but more often than not.

I’ve tried it several different ways in recent months.  OK, so my wife tried it.  We bought tickets to a Rascal Flatts concert the regular way.  No pre-sale password.  General public cattle-call.  The seats were decent, but not great.  Then last month Reba McEntire and George Strait were in town.  My wife just happened to be listening to a country station as they were giving out the pre-sale password.  We ended up getting front row floor seats.  You want proof?  See video:

Brooks & Dunn tickets go on sale Saturday morning for their May 28 concert here.  It’s B&D’s final tour before breaking up.  Gotta go.   And after George & Reba, we’re spoiled.  So we joined the B&D fan club.  25 dollars.  Pre-sale was this morning.  Logged in, got the password, ordered best seats available, got floor seats near the front.

The pre-sale method isn’t without drama though.  You’re not the only one who’s frantically clicking the computer keys for the best seats.  It may take a little patience and perseverance to complete your order.  And luck.  That George and Reba concert?  My wife threw back a few seats she didn’t like, kept trying, and 20 minutes later the front row floor tickets popped up.  We should have played the lottery that night.

My point is, you pay about the same price for good seats and not so good seats.  I know, there are some concerts where floor seats go for hundreds of dollars.  Example:  Paul McCartney $250.  That’s a little steep for my wallet, even to see a former Beatle.  While the best seats for George and Reba and B&D went for around 70 dollars.  That’s not much more than the nose-bleed seats.  And you can loan your binoculars to your friend in Section 306.

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