Red-Faced Russians

And you thought the drama from the Olympics was over.   “Nyet way!”  And heads will roll (maybe literally).  Russia didn’t do very well in the winter games.  Just 3 of the 15 medals it won were gold… the smallest number the former Cold War nation has taken home from the cold weather games since  its first in 1994.  In the 9 winter Olympics from 1954 to 1988, the Soviet Union won the medal count all but two times.  Those two times it finished second.

Flash forward to Vancouver and Russia is red-faced.  Remember the men’s figure skating final?  American Evan Lysacek upset Russian Yevgeny Plushenko.  Prime Minister Putin was livid.  Publicly he said his skater should have gotten gold.  I wonder if privately Plushenko’s relatives are now shoveling coal in Siberia?  Then the biggest blow to Russia’s pride when Canada slaughtered them in hockey .

Today Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said this: “Those who are responsible for the team’s training for the Olympic Games must answer, now.  They must have the courage to step down.  If they haven’t, we will help them.”  I’d hate to think what that means.  Of course, the Russians thought they’d win more than 3 golds.  One prediction was at least 14.  I checked out what the Moscow Times is reporting on this.  One former gold medal ice dancer told the Times Russia should have placed more emphasis on training than on calculating how many medals to get.  Adding:  “The Olympic Games are not something that can be blueprinted in advance.  This is like selling a bearskin before the bear is caught.”  Ok, now I understand it better.  Sort of like the “cart before the horse” thing.

Oh, and one more thing to put a little pressure on those Russian athletes.  Guess where the next Winter Games will be played?  Sochi, Russia.      Better start practicing or you’ll be skating for gold in front of the guards in the gulag.

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