Hockey Night

Hockey is really big right now with the anticipation of Sunday’s USA-Canada gold medal final in the Olympics.  Its been a while since I’ve gone to a game, so I went to watch our local minor league hockey team, the Tulsa Oilers, play the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs  at the BOK Center.  I took the kids and their friends.  Oilers’ owner Jeff Lund was generous enough to invite Michelle and me to watch from his suite.

Chris & Becky Lincoln

Chris Lincoln (our sports director) and wife Becky were also there.  It was their anniversary.  Chris, you really know how to impress a girl.  Hockey and beer will do it everytime.

Michelle at Oilers game

It was NewsChannel 8 night.  Among other things, that meant meeting hockey fans who are also NewsChannel 8 fans.  But the highlight had to be meeting these Mudbug groupies:

Mark with the Mudbug groupies

One of the ladies was determined to show me her new tattoo.  She called it her victory tat following the Saints Super Bowl win.  I saw more of her behind than I really cared to.  So that’s what a mudbug looks like.  My kids ended up sitting right behind them.  I hear they put on almost as good a show as the players did.

Oh yeah, the game.  It was awesome!   But the Oilers lost 4-3 in overtime.  Too bad.  I had my victory tattoo already picked out.  Here are the highlights:

I just love a good fight!

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