Best Time to Buy

I  love to watch the Olympics.  Especially the skiing, because I love the sport.  Last month I took my family to Colorado for a week of skiing, and watching Bode and Lindsay has me itching to hit the slopes again.  I’d like to buy some new skis first, but is now the best time to do that?

That got me thinking about the best time to buy anything.  Did you know when it comes to buying… from airlines tickets to appliances… timing is everything?

Here’s some advice I found on and

  • Flying somewhere?…. Buy your tickets on a Wednesday, at least 21 days before your flight.  Airlines make major pricing changes every week, typically on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings.
  • Appliance shopping? I saw a couple best times here. During holiday weekends and also September and October when retailers are trying to get rid of last year’s models to make room for the new crop.
  • Same thing with cars. September is best time to buy….when dealers are pushing out the old to make room for the new.  And if you want to get even more specific… weekday mornings in September when there’s low foot traffic.
  • Best deals on clothing are usually Thursday evenings when stores begin stocking shelves to prepare for the weekend. .. and also at the end of a season.
  • You may not think it’ll ever get hot again, but winter is the time to buy air conditioners.  The same goes for boats, bicycles, and other outdoor gear.

So now’s the best time to buy for summer activities.   I guess that answers my question about new skis.  I should wait until it’s hot out and the Olympics are just a memory before buying some new sticks.  Just like anything else, being patient can save you money.  But knowing myself,  I’ll never win a gold medal in patience.

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