George, Reba, and Cowboy

I went to a concert Saturday night and saw three shows, instead of just two.  Reba.  George. And the Cowboy.  More on that last one later on, but here’s a tease:  How many beers before a cowboy passes out?

The Reba McIntyre/George Strait concert at the BOK was in a word “awesome”.   Nearly 20 thousand fans saw and heard quite the performances by these two professionals.   Reba comes out first.  She’s on fire.  Red-hot.  Rockin’!   Then George.  The best way to describe him is he’s a classic.  Country music before it morphed into today’s country/pop/rock/(fill in the blank).

Here’s a clip of the concert:

It didn’t hurt that Michelle and I had floor seats.  RIGHT IN FRONT!  Fantastic view.  Of George and Reba and… the Cowboy.  Sure, there were nearly 20 thousand cowboys and cowgirls there, but this one put on quite a show.  Almost as good as G & R.  We watched him put down one brewski after another.  He had quite a collection of empty cans on the floor.   Not just the small beer cans.  The real tall ones.  How many?  I lost count at 15.  He staggered around, waved his ten gallon hat in the air, high-fived people he didn’t know (and imaginary people), blew kisses at Reba (and probably George after #10), disappeared a few times for a bladder break, but he never went down for the count.  Or even went to his knees.  Not once.

"Cowboy" in the middle (George Strait behind)

At least 15 beers.  And still standing.  How could that happen?  Then it hit me.  Just like George and Reba are pros at what they do, so is Cowboy.  They can knock out song after song without missing a beat.  He can knock down beer after beer and stay on his feet.  My hat’s off to you Cowboy.  You put on quite a show.

Just let me get a head start driving home.

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