Superfoods & Curling

We all want to live longer and healthier lives.  Of course, what we eat sure helps.  I came across a fascinating list of so-called “superfoods” you should eat, depending on how old you are.  It’s broken down by decade.  Looks like I’ll be eating lots of nuts, beans, spinach and eggs the rest of my life.  I’ll add another one my dad turned me onto years ago… oatmeal every morning.  It must be good for you.  He’s still going strong at 88 (and mom at 83).  Here’s a recent story we had on superfoods:

Glued to the Olympics.  I’m amazed by the ability of the athletes.  Got me thinking of which sport I’d like to compete in.  I love to ski, but those downhill races are about as scary as any Freddy Krueger movie. Maybe the Luge.  Ok, maybe not.  How about the biathlon?  Ski and shoot.  No, I’d hurt someone.  Got it.  Curling.  How tough can curling be?  It’s just shuffleboard on ice.   That’s what I thought until I started to watch it (yeah, I watch everything).  They can push that rock and make it stop anywhere they want.  And the ones with brooms can sweep and slide on the ice and avoid the other rocks, all at the same time.   I like watching the women more than the guys though.  Have you seen the Russian girls?   Not bad.  Let’s see, where are the 2014 Olympics?   Sochi, Russia.  Yeah, I might give Curling a try.

2 Comments on “Superfoods & Curling

  1. It looks like I will be eating the cranberry and pomagranite…

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