What Will Tiger Say?

Tiger’s talking…. finally!

We’ve waited  months for this.  Well, some of us have.

Friday morning, Tiger Woods will stand before a few friends and associates in Florida and end his nearly two and a half month public silence about the sex scandal he’s been involved with.  In golf vernacular, he’s hitting out of the deep rough (don’t know if he’s still using his putter, though).

I have many so questions for Tiger.  What club did Elin hit him with?  How did it feel?  What’s sex rehab like?  (Have you put your putter away?)    How many women was it  (The over/under is 20.  I’ve got the over)?   WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Of course, I won’t be able to ask him those questions (and if I did, his caddy would probably stuff me in a golf bag).  No one will get a chance to ask him anything.   Too bad.

Word is Tiger plans on apologizing for his sins.   Will it be like other sports figures who’ve done something bad, like Mark McGuire and Kobe Bryant?  Or bad boy politicians, like Mark Sanford and Elliot Spitzer.

Will there be tears?  Remorse?  Groveling?  Will Elin be at his side?  The whole thing is dripping with drama.  The anticipation is killing me.  So can you imagine what it’s doing to him.

It’s like a TV soap opera.  No, better.  It’s the real thing.

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