As Seen On TV

As a consumer reporter, I’m always looking for ways to save you money.   You can check out my stories just about every night at 6pm on NewsChannel 8.

There are so many web sites out there that help you stretch your dollar. And we all need that, don’t we?

Kiplinger has several sites that will lower your insurance rates, get service providers to compete for your business, find free stuff, and more.

  • lets you shop for auto insurance rates without divulging too much personal information.
  • At… You can post your need… Whether it be for a local contractor, lawyer, photographer, or any business, and get bids back, along with credentials, ratings, and reviews. Keep in mind that MiNeeds is still relatively new and I had a little trouble finding participating businesses around Tulsa.
  • There’s nothing cheaper than free, and at you see offers for free stuff, and promotions like free pancakes next Tuesday at IHOP. Maybe I’ll see you there.  The site also has lots of ideas on how to do things for free, like 16 ways to burglar proof your house for free.
  • just teamed up this month with direct marketing company Valpak to provide printable, local coupons.  Click on the printable coupons tab and it recognizes your location and provides coupons for services and restaurants in your area.  I found a free coupon for a free burger, and 30 bucks off tax preparation.  That’ll come in handy this time of year.  How cool.

Check out these web sites.  You may save some money.

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