Nooz bits: iPoo & more

Do some of your best ideas come while on the can?  Check out iPoo, a new iPhone app.  It’s a new “online community for poopers, so they can chat with each other.”  My boys will love this one.

My kids keep asking, “When’s it going to snow again?”  They want another ANOTHER day off from school.  Taft Price (one of our meteorologists)  told me we could get more snow on Monday.  Maybe six inches.  All depends on whether the south winds blow the cold air to the north.   Sorry kids, hope you have school Monday.

Super Bowl is Sunday.  Who knew?  I came across some deals… pizza, restaurants, online shopping… on Sunday.  I’ll share them tonight at 6pm.  If you can’t tune in, here’s where you can find some of the super deals.

I was always taught, you make a mistake, admit it, say you’re sorry, be contrite, and people will forgive you and move on.  Apparently Mel Gibson never learned that life lesson (following his DUI arrest and anti-semitic remarks).  Check out  two recent interviews (here and here) to promote his new movie “Edge of Darkness”.  Looks like Mad Mel has lost it.

That’s all.

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