Not the 1st anniversary of his inauguration that President Obama had expected or hoped for.   The senate loss by democrats in Massachusetts is both shocking and, according to many, humiliating to Obama and his party.  By the way,

I was in Colorado last week and look who I came across.  

Give me a break!  How many of us could blast our bosses and not only get away with it, but come out richer?  Much richer.  Like 30 million dollars richer for Conan O’Brien.  That’s what’s going on with the Leno/O’Brien/NBC spat.  Maybe I’ll try it tonight during the newscast (not that I have a dispute with management).  Maybe not.

Many of you have asked what my former co-anchor and TV wife is up to.  Cindy Morrison is doing great.  Her new book is due out this Spring.  Her new website is out NOW. Check it out.

We’re into tax time again.  Ever wonder what tax documents to keep and which ones to toss out?  How long should you keep them?  I have a closet full of tax papers that go back a LONG TIME.  I’ll have a story about that tonight at 6.  Here’s what Kiplinger says about it.

Finally, the obsession with the Idol song “Pants On The Ground” Even Brett Favre is singing it.  Even though I don’t think he has any idea what he’s singing.

That’s all.

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