Thanks everyone for “voting” on whether I should go with my wife to the opening of Legally Blonde (the musical) or stay at home and watch the Orange Bowl game.  Actually there was never any doubt what I would do (if you want to stay married).  Surprisingly, Legally Blonde was very entertaining.  Here’s a clip of LB (despite warnings not to take videos during the performance).

Ok, so that’s my own Legally Blonde girl.

Check out the US Department of Labor website.  Its compiled more than 500 job sites where you can apply for jobs, learn more about careers and even vote for your favorites.

14 suspected terrorists killed THEMSELVES when a bus they rigged with explosives blew up prematurely.  What a shame.

When my boys were young, they  did some pretty crazy things to their body (come to think about it, they still do), but never this.

And is that ham really staring at me?

That’s all.

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