Looks like we’re going to have a white Christmas in Oklahoma (picture above is backyard snow scene last winter).  Did you hear that Tommy?  My youngest boy has been bugging me for weeks.   “When’s it going to snow?” “How much snow will we get?”  He thinks he’s getting a sled for Christmas and wants to use it.     Tommy even delivered amessage to Frank our meteorologist.

If you’re going to have a snowball fight, don’t bring a gun.  Here’s video of an off-duty  DC cop pulling his gun after his vehicle got pelted by snowballs.  Game over.  I win.

Remember the movie Rain Man (Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise)?  The man who inspired the 1988 movie  has died of a heart attack.  Great movie, remarkable person.  Here’s a clipof the movie.

I vowed not to eat every holiday sweet that was put in front of me.  I’m at work waiting to do the 10 o’clock news and eating a good portion of the Holiday Sampler of nuts and chocolates  my co-anchor gave me.  Someone please save me from myself.

That’s all.

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