Happy Birthday!  Middle son Jacob is 17 today.

Jacob rockin' out

Wow!  Nothing more to say.

Rocked out to Daughtry last night at the BOK.    Michelle and I took Jacob and a bunch of friends. They didn’t sit with us.  Are you kidding?  Jacob wants to be a rock star (see above picture).  I’m serious.  He’s a great drummer.  We’ll see.  By the way, we had story yesterday that BOK Center justnominated for “Arena of the Year” award (other nominees include Madison Square Garden in NYC and Staples Center in LA).  Barely a year old.  Great concerts.  Its been a great addition to downtown Tulsa.

Just a reminder that Free Shipping Day is Thursday.  More than 700 retailers are offering free shipping and delivery by Christmas.  Check it out here.

My condolences to the family of Oral Roberts. Famous  evangelist passed away yesterday.   He was 91.  He meant a lot to millions around the world and to Tulsa.

Next time you valet your car, think of this. Valets Gone Wild (with YOUR car)!

That’s all.

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