Be careful out there during your holiday shopping, and be aware of what’s going on around you.  Talked to woman on phone Sunday night.  She was walking back to vehicle in Walmart parking lot.  As she was getting in, man with gun shoves her to passenger side.  She escapes when he had trouble starting her car.  He shoots at her, but misses.  Took her vehicle and purse, everything.  She’s pretty shaken up.  We’ll tell her story at 4:30 and 6pm.  I’ll try and post it here later.

Pretty soon Tiger Woods will have more alleged mistresses and affairs than majors. Latest count?  Majors are slightly ahead 14-13.  That’s probably going to change since the next golf major (Masters) isn’t until April (which he may not even play).

Forgot my pikepass today.  Had to stop and pay.  Beware.  75 cent toll.  Threw in 3 quarters.  No green light.  Ten feet away behind glass is turnpike worker.  Backed up, rolled down window to yell there’s a problem.  He completely ignored me.  I guess if he doesn’t make eye contact, I’m not there.  So I tossed in another quarter, and light went from  red to green.  Happy Holidays Oklahoma Turnpike Authority!  Wonder how many more drivers they’re overcharging and ignoring.

And…. went to urgent care today for a follow up visit.  Had a nasty wound on my hand (don’t ask).  Doc took bandage off, looked it over, told me to keep it clean and covered, then sent me on my way WITHOUT cleaning and covering it.  Go figure.  The new DIY healthcare?

That’s all.

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