And you thought you were bummed out about the holidays!! Is that how you feel?

ABC News shuffle about over.  Reported that George Stephanopoulos will co-host “Good Morning America” replacing Diane Sawyer, who replacing “World News” anchor Charles Gibson, who’s retiring.  GMA news reader Chris Cuomo is leaving show to co-host “20/20”  Got it?  This just in! I’m still anchoring at KTUL, but willing to listen to offers from ABC.

Speaking of lots of money.   And you better believe they’re all getting big raises.   How would you like to get a pay raise  like Texas coach Mack Brown  got?  Bob (Stoops), you’re getting cheated.   Is it too late for me to be a coach?

Tiger Woods.  Blah, blah, blah…      Oh, here’s something interesting.  Do a Google search typing in the words “Tiger Woods is”  and check out the suggestions.

Working on a story for 6pm.  Test your gift-giving etiquette.  Should you get your boss a gift?  Re-gifting ok?  Do you have to reciprocate if someone gives you a gift?  10 do’s and don’ts.  You may learn something to keep from getting embarrassed this Christmas.  If you miss it, I’ll post story on my website later.

That’s all.

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