In case you’re counting (I know you are), more women are coming out of the “wood(s)”work linked to Tiger.   10 so far.  Also, check out CBS’s Bob Schieffer’ advice for Tiger Woods.

68 year anniversary today.  If you haven’t, watch the movie “Pearl Harbor”.  If you have, watch again.  Also, FDR’s Pearl Harbor address to Congress is one of the most famous speeches in American history.  Watch it  here.

If you know a PH survivor, tell them “thank you”. ..

Congrats to the Tulsa Union Redskins.  USA Today’s 18th ranked (before game) HS football team  demolished the Jenks Trojans (ranked 10th, but not anymore) Friday night 52-19 to take Oklahoma 6-A football championship.  UHS’s 5th state title in past 8 years.  Dynasty?…

Mr. Squiggles… TOXIC?   Trouble for this year’s got-to-have toy.  One of the Zhu Zhu pets is said to be toxic, according to consumer group. This is what’s popular this Christmas?  Maybe not anymore. ..

That’s all.

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