Help! My Cell Phone Is Killing Me

Over the years I’ve done many stories about the possible threat of radiation from continuous cell phone use.  You know,  the risk of developing a brain tumor after putting the phone to your ear all those years.  But that’s not what worries me.  I’m worried more about how cell phone bills are killing me.  There are five of us in my family.  Therefore, there are five cell phones.  One for each of us.  Nothing unusual for a modern day family.  I’m a firm believer of the importance of cell phones, and staying connected.  But I’m sick and tired of how much they cost.  I’ve grown to hate the 25th of every month.  That’s when I get a reminder (on my smart phone) that I need to pay my phone bill.  Actually the bill for the three of us with one carrier.  My wife and one of my boys are with another carrier.  The bill for just three of us comes to well over 200 dollars a month.  Ouch!  I want out!!  But the wireless company is holding me hostage.  And now the ransom for many cell phone users is even higher.  To get out of our contract early with AT&T, there’s a $175 termination fee for each user (minus a few bucks for good behavior).  Have you heard the latest?  Now Verizon Wireless, the largest provider of mobile phone services, has just DOUBLED its early termination fee for smart phones.  Now if you want to jump ship the punishment is $350!!   The fee is the highest ever imposed by a major carrier.  Joel Kelsey of Consumers Union calls it “insane” and “absolutely ridiculous”.  A lot of you will go shopping for one of those cool new smart phones this holiday season.  You know, BlackBerrys and the Droid. Those are phones capable of sending and receiving text messages and emails and accessing the Internet.  Don’t get me wrong.   The phone has it all.  But it could end up to be a very expensive Christmas gift.  To borrow a headline from :  “A $350 Early-Termination Fee For Smart Phones?  Now That Smarts”.  Something to think about BEFORE you commit to having to pay that phone bill every month.

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