We Were “Cool” Once

I’m pretty sure my kids love me and my wife.  After all, we feed and clothe them, buy them iphones, and let them go doorbell ditching (don’t tell the neighbors those are our kids).  But I don’t think they think we’re COOL. No big surprise there.  What kid does think their mom and dad are cool.  My parents weren’t cool, but I love them.  Which brings me to a great website I came across.  Check it out…. myparentswereawesome.com   It gives parents a chance to redeem themselves, show us that Mom and Dad weren’t always Mom and Dad… that they were in fact once awesome.  The website started two months ago, and already has received about a thousand photos submitted by parents who are proud of their past, even if their kids aren’t. I showed the above pictures of my kids’ parents long before my kids’ parents had any kids.  Huh? Their response?  “Gross, dad.”  “We don’t need to see that kind of stuff.”  “Get a room.”  Okay, I made up that last one.  Our kids don’t want to think their parents should get a room, if you get what I mean.  Anyway, myparentswereawesome.com is the perfect venue to show to your kids that you were once young like them.  Come to think of it, the kids are right.  We weren’t cool….. we were HOT.

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