Thank You Veterans

Douglas Bradshaw (my father)

There’s nothing in my opinion that attracts instant respect quicker than a man or woman wearing a military uniform.   Think about it.  When you see that uniform walking through an airport, mall, school, on the street… anywhere, you notice.  It represents many things. Dedication, discipline, sacrifice to name just a few.

Jack Skien (grandfather)

Douglas Bradshaw (father) John Skien (uncle)

The uniform is impressive, but it’s those who wear it, those who put it on, who deserve our utmost respect.  Real people.  Relatives, friends, co-workers, who fought for our freedom, bled for our freedom, and in many cases, died for our freedom.  So many aren’t with us any longer.  Many others join them as the years go by.  Time has been the final enemy of America’s World War I veterans.  Who’s left?  Only one.  One.  16 million men and women served our great country during World War II.  Today, we’re losing more than a thousand of them every day on the battlefield of old age.  We all know someone who served in WW2.  Maybe a parent or grandparent or friend or co-worker.  They don’t wear the uniform anymore, but they deserve our respect as if they do.   And not just on Veterans Day, but every day of the year.  Thank you.

One Comment on “Thank You Veterans

  1. thanks again, Mark, for bringing up veterans—-and the veterans in your own family tree. Today Dad was among many, many vets who got a free meal at a restaurant. I bet there weren’t many other World War II vets there other than he—at 89. We’re dying off!

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