Are You A Bad Driver? Blame Your Parents

The other night I was minding my own business, driving down the Broken Arrow expressway, when another driver cut me off, and nearly sent me crashing into the guardrail.  “Are you crazy?”, I yelled to the disappearing taillights, while flashing my brights and blaring my horn.  Turns out, it probably wasn’t his (or her) fault.  He couldn’t help being a bad driver.  I shouldn’t be mad.  Instead I should feel sorry for him.  Blame their lousy driving on their DNA.  A new study at the University of California, Irvine, reveals that people with a gene variation that gives them less of a brain protein linked to memory retention performed more than 20 percent worse in a driving situation than people who had higher levels of the protein.  Say what?  In other words, researchers say,  some people really are bad drivers.  It’s genetic.  It’s not their fault… but their parent’s.  So next time someone cuts you off, and nearly kills you on the highway, have a little sympathy.  Don’t curse at them, because they can’t help it.

p.s.    That’s my son’s truck.  He crashed it.  But don’t blame him, blame me.

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