Shame On You

Shame on you major airline, major pain in the &#%.   I always come back for more, only to be disappointed once again.  As I write this, I’m 35,000 feet somewhere over east Texas, flying American from Dallas to Ft. Lauderdale.  Family trip.  Me, the wife, and two of my kids.  Heading for Florida for one of those cruises to the Caribbean.  Hopefully a relaxing week ahead.  But so far getting there has been anything but relaxing.  Got up at 3:30 for a scheduled 6 am flight out of Tulsa.  I said “scheduled”.  But you know airlines and schedules don’t always go hand in hand.  Rushed to the airport, only to find flight was delayed until 6:30.  6:30 turned into 7.  Why?  Who knows.  They never tell you the truth.  Oh boy, catching our flight out of Dallas was going to be tight.   Our one hour layover just turned into a one minute layover.  Maybe that flight will be delayed also.  Maybe they’ll hold the plane for us.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  As we land in Dallas,  the flight attendant says, in a frantic sounding voice, if you’re connecting to Ft. Lauderdale, run to gate C37.  That’s us.  Hey, that must mean they’ll wait for us.  We don’t run.  We sprint.  Hopeful.  And we make it.  Plane is still at the gate.  “Sorry sir, we’ve already closed the door.  You’re too late.”  “But, we’re here.  They told us to run.  And I see the plane still there.”  “The next flight is at 11:30.”  That’s 3 more hours.  3 more hours not in Florida.  I ask the gate agent,  “Why?”  And to his credit, and my astonishment, he gives me the first honest answer I’ve ever heard from an airline employee.  “Management told us to close the doors.  They’re worried about their on-time record.”  I say, “But they weren’t worried about being on-time in Tulsa.”  He shrugs.  I say, “They’re more worried about that than their customers.”  He agreed.  Again, refreshing honesty.  But then again, maybe it’s the old “good cop, bad cop” routine. “That rotten big airline, I feel for you poor little customer.”  For one moment at least, I was satisfied.  But just for a moment.   Shame on you major airline.

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