20 Years Flies By!

I’ve always been fascinated by time.  As a kid it never went by fast enough.  I was sent to my room as punishment, and the minutes I spent in solitary confinement would drag on like hours.  The school day and year seemed like it would never end.  And that piano recital as a ten year old is an agonizing memory that still haunts me decades later.  Halfway through it, I forgot the music.  With the room packed with other students’ parents and families, I sat there in silence waiting for it to come back to me.  The only sound, the tick, tick, tick of the metronome, and a woman in the back of the room  I can still hear her today saying, “That poor little boy!”  As a poor little boy, time NEVER flew by.

Guess what?  Now I wish it would slooooow down.  Ease up.  Whoa, Nellie!  Case in point.

Michelle and Mark

Today is my 20th wedding anniversary.  20 years.  Seems more like 20 days.  Its gone by so fast it’s scary.  Marriage isn’t supposed to be like that.  You know, ball and chain, life sentence, etc.  Not for me.  And I give all the credit to my wonderful wife, Michelle.  We’ve been partners in this relationship every step of the way.  Good experiences and bad.  It helps to have parents as role models.  64 years and still going strong on my side, and nearly 50 years on hers.

20 years.  Three teenagers.

My 3 Sons

One great marriage.  Its gone by in a blur.  Whoosh!!  In the rear view mirror.  Okay life, you can slow down a bit now.  Like it was when I was younger.  Only time will tell.

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