My Many “Wives”

Updated 2.9.11. Check out “Hey, I’m in the Wall Street Journal”

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a polygamist.  But I’ve had many wives, sometimes more than one at a time.  How many of you can say that?  I’m talking about my “TV wives”, as I call them.    I lost one of them recently, and I miss her.  You could call it, irreconcilable differences.  Not of my doing, or hers.  More on that later.

In my nearly 30 years as a news anchor, I’ve gone through many “TV wives”.  I can’t even remember all their names.  Bad husband.  A few were quick marriages, others lasted years.  Memories?  Oh yeah.  I remember what happened at the very beginning of one of my marriages.  It was an arranged marriage (they all are).  It was our first newscast together.  A brand new news team about to be unveiled. Lots of hype leading up to it.  The news open was running.  And right before it came out to us to say “Good evening”, and deliver the hard hitting news of the day…. my “wife” goes completely under the news desk to find something (don’t read into that).  I mean, she completely disappears.  Our viewers saw just me for those few couple seconds, then see her pop up from under the desk.  What do you say when something like that happens?  I can’t remember.  Maybe a good thing.  That marriage didn’t last very long.  I think I made sure of that.

Other memories?  A long time ago where I worked, anchors operated their own teleprompters (that’s what we read off of) from the news desk.  Many times play pranks and speed it up when the other was reading.  The newscast went by a lot faster that way.  Very rarely do I not get along with my “TV wife”.  But it does happen.  The first day on the job at one of my many TV stations (won’t tell you where, I’ve worked all over the country), the weather guy and I were putting on make-up together (I’m used to it now).  He says, “You know, (“TV wife’s” name) has a cocaine problem.  I scoffed.  Then for months, (“TV wife’s” name) would wonder to me, “Why does my nose keep bleeding?”  I wonder why.  I’ve left a few of my “TV wives”, not because of any disagreements or quarrels, but because I moved away to another TV station.  Soon after I left one (and I really liked her), she died in a car accident.  That would have been a tough story to read on the air if I was still there.

My longest lasting marriage?  By far, the one that just ended.  12 years, to Cindy Morrison (that’s her in the picture).

Cindy and Mark

And as most good marriages go, it didn’t seem nearly that long.  But now SHE”S gone.  Splitsville.  What happened?  A lot of you are asking.  What I can tell you is management decided not to renew her contract. Times are tough, budgets are tight, stations are cutting costs, and good employees become casualties.  End of “marriage”.  Just like that.  Here today, gone tomorrow. But we have lots of memories.  Cindy and I got along well “on the air” and off.  We emceed so many events together, and our families (children and real spouses) all get along.  What’s Cindy doing now?  Lots of you are asking that as well.  She’s writing a book, soon to be out.  And doing speaking engagements.  She also just signed on as the spokesperson for Clear-tone.  Let’s hear it for Cindy!  I normally hate the expression “You go girl!”, but in this case it fits.

Mark and Michelle

My wife (the real one) knows about all my other “wives”.  She’s okay with it.  This month we’ll be married 20 years.  Longer than all my other “marriages”, and one I plan on keeping forever.

4 Comments on “My Many “Wives”

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  2. Super great, Mark, which issue???? And I KNOW that your real spouse is the love of your life!

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